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Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid which contains hallucinogenic or better still psychedelic properties present in the root bark of Tabernanthe iboga, a tropical plant traditionally from West Africa.  Iboga is used in the treatment of drugs, alcohol,  Heroin and other Opiate addiction, depression, anxiety, cocaine addiction and any other type of addiction.

We offer high quality iboga in several forms and affordable prices. 

The Best of Iboga


Ibogaine increases abstinence and also relieves you with withdrawal symptoms if you are suffering from addiction.


The roots bark of iboga is used as medicine against fever and influenza. Iboga Ta is known to combat the Flu.


Iboga plant contain alkaloid congener 18-methoxycoronaridine (18-MC) exhibits in vitro leishmanicidal which help cure HIV/AID.

High Blood Pressure

Tabernanthe iboga root bark helps balances blood pressure to normal.

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REHAB Doesn't Work, IBOGAINE Does

About Iboga

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid (acting main component) extracted from the root bark of Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga). With  Ibogaine as the main component of our Iboga plant, other alkaloids include; Gabonine, Ibolutenine, Kisantine & Iboxigaine. Our Ibogaine comes from the Central-West African shrub (Tabernanthe Iboga) with predominantly psychedelic effects.  It is commonly used in Africa for healing ceremonies and initiation rituals by the Pygmies of Cenral-West Africa and other tribes in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to these, Iboga is also known to be a major cure of addiction and related issues in the Western World.

Ibogaine works by resetting the neurotransmitters and opiate receptors in the human brain therefore providing you with these psychedelic effects. Ibogaine treatments from our Iboga plants are an effective tool in providing life-changing experiences to those suffering from all types of addiction, drugs, alcohol, Eating Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), gambling and pornography. 

Ibogaine serves as a mild stimulant in small dosages while bearing in mind an overdose is not advisable and in some cases lethal. In minute-large doses, it can get an individual right into a severe psychedelic state. Some people have found that minute-large doses reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms as well as assist with substance-related yearnings.

People with substance usage addictions have discovered that huge dosages of iboga-Ta or ibogaine-HCL can reduce withdrawal from opiates as well as help free them of their substance-related cravings. Oftentimes, however, the effects are brief & might push to into the minute-large doses. The majority of research studies have remained in animals. and therefore not concrete enough to be emphasized as a theory. In conclusion, these effects are hypothetical and will vary across individuals.  

Overcoming addiction is a long  procedure requiring patience and also you don’t need to manage it by yourself. There are many treatment alternatives available. If one therapy doesn’t work, your physician can assist create a new strategy with another form of Iboga. So if you went with Iboga-TA you could now be forced to take the Iboga-HCL route.  With ibogaine treatment, it’s possible to get on a roadway to a happy as well as healthy life.

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Let's Us Help Bring An End To Your Addiction

Our professional certified medical team will guide you through your the process. Our Ibogaine treatment program is developed to help you handle your withdrawal prior to treatment and removes withdrawals and cravings from material use conditions. We designed the program to be individualized and flexible to first address the underlying reasons like stress and anxiety or clinical depression. We maintain a high degree of quality assurance and also highly knowledgeable clinical team to aid you get your life back to normal.

How does our Ibogaine and its Compound work?

Our Ibogaine is extracted from the plant root Tabernanthe iboga, which contains chemicals that cause brain stimulation hence psychedelic effects which occurs in 2 phases yielding -The oneirogenic and the psychotherapeutic effects. 

** The Visionary Phase / Oneirogenic: You are going to experience some sought of feelings with a Dreamlike nature lasting over 3 hours. 

** The Introspection Phase: This will help you conquer your fears and negative emotions. 

In a nutshell our Ibogaine and its compounds or products will help catalyze you to an altered state of consciousness where issues of trauma could be fully processed. 

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More About Iboga Tabernanthe's Ibogaine extracts

Iboga with the active substance Ibogaine is a naturally occurring indole alkaloid found in the root bark of a West African shrub (Iboga)  which possesses hallucinogenic or psychoactive properties. It could either be obtained by extraction from the Iboga plant or by semi-synthesis of voacangine in Voacanga africana.  Of the 3 scientific naturally occurring Iboga plants (Voacanga africana, Tabernanthe iboga, Tabernaemontana undulata), Tabernanthe iboga found in Central Africa is the principal root barks from which we extract our Ibogaine before shipping out. 

According to researchers, Ibogaine has been used in Western medicine as far back as the mid 19th century. Ethnopharmacology studies done over 50 years ago found that purified ibogaine in the Iboga roots had beneficial effects for treating conditions such as;

Suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions? Our Ibogaine products could be of help.  Ibogaine is increasingly becoming part of a contemporary debate in the medical community over its role in the opioid crisis -helping addicts restrain from overdoses. Hence it helps counter drug addiction. Ibogaine treatment cost is quite affordable with excellent treatment reviews from patients who follow their treatment accordingly.

Buying Ibogaine online

Now you can buy ibogaine online and ship to your doorstep in a couple easy steps. Our shipping process has a 100% success rate. To begin with you ought to discover the right ibogaine compound best for you. We offer Iboga Capsules, Iboga Root bark Powder & shavings, Ibogaine HCL, Iboga TA and the Iboga fruits. Our iboga root barks for sale are gotten from the sun-dried vertical shaving of our 10 year + Tabernanthe iboga trees. These account for 5.2% of our ibogaine composition. We offer available deals on our iboga Roots ranging from  $4.5/g – $1,650/1000g (1kg). These brownish yellow roots could be ground into iboga root bark powder with deals ranging from $210/100g – $1,000/500g. 

Our well refined Ibogaine HCL and Iboga TA are available on our shop page at affordable prices. 

Our Iboga TA (Iboga Total Alkaloid) is a premium extract from our Iboga root barks which contains all available alkaloids ie -complete full spectrum in the iboga root bark. This extraction of ours contains 75% – 78% ibogaine which will be converted during digestion. A list of some psychoactive alkaloid compounds in our iboga root include; Ibogaine, Gabonine, Ibolutenine, Kisantine & Iboxigaine. 

We offer pure Ibogaine HCL extracted from our Tabernanthe iboga root bark continued in the 2nd layer consisting of a couple different alkaloids. We extract this as a white powder but kept dry to a brown color to avoid unnecessary suspicion during shipping. This is due to the stigma associated with white powders. Our 2nd layer of root barks contain some prominent alkaloids; Ibogaine, Ibogaline & Ibogamine.


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Although ibogaine is not likely to be over used recreationally, there were a total amount of 19 fatalities connected with the intake of ibogaine in between 1990 and also 2008.6 These fatalities were attributed to several various factors including>>>

Howard Lotsoff is credited with being the initial person to use ibogaine to treat his own heroin addiction. In 1986, he received a license for the capsule kind of ibogaine and also proceeded to work with European clinical specialists to>>>

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